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The Softness of my Peaceful Flower Collection Part 2

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The Softness of my Peaceful Flower Collection Part 2

I last left off with the newly discovered thought that the conversations that I was having with my sister about the color of my walls was teaching me about how to take a better photograph and be a more conscious photographer behind the lens. Well, all of that was in my mind but I may not have written that all out in the last blog. I will cover that in this one.

As I discussed with my sister the color of my walls in my home not just as a whole but in each room and what did I want the room to be for, how did I want to feel in it, did I want it to be light or dark, smaller or larger feeling, uplifting and encouraging movement or relaxing and encouraging peacefulness – she taught me a lot and had some really great large color splotches to chat and create around rather than the tiny color splotches in the paint department at the local home store. The conversations went on over time as she helped me to think in larger terms and greater scales rather than just “color”. At the time I was considering the color and the conversations were starting to include what the color would help me feel while I was in that space i.e. smaller or larger feel to the room etc. I wasn’t really thinking of the photos that I would put on the wall or how I would choose them. I was really just looking at getting the house to be brighter based on the position of the sun coming through the windows that were already in the walls. (Although we did have a fun time talking about the consideration of replacing the windows as well as painting. Ha ha ha) I was only thinking color of the walls and then decorating them and how and with what was an entirely different thought process exclusive of the wall color discussions.

Well, I did not come into the conversations with that in mind, whereas my sister did and that was pretty eye opening for me at the time. Now it makes considerable sense to me to approach the project of what is going on my walls in this manner and the “why” do I want that becomes more clear to me based on that way of thinking about it. It’s the consideration of the entirety of the space and not just the color of the walls as a stand-alone decision that began to evolve for me.