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Photo Hand Towels empower and keep me focused

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Photo Hand Towels empower and keep me focused

The other day I was drying my hands on my kitchen towel after doing my dishes. During my lunch I had been reviewing how my money was working for me. I thought about how to make my surroundings reinforce the concept that the things that I spend my money on work for me as well. I thought of the towel as a tool that I would not only dry my hands on but that would lift up my mood as I interacted with it. I purchased two hand towels with photos and colors that coordinated with my kitchen that made me smile when I saw them. I purchased two new bath towels that felt really relaxing and renewing to me. I purchased a phone cover that brings a smile to my face and decided to set my phone down with this photo showing so that I smiled when my phone beckoned me. Now when I interact with each item I think, “That works for me!” I find it empowering.

Recently I received a lovely e-mail from a client that purchased six hand towels with a variety of photos on them. She told me that she had a destination vacation planned and that it was just six short months away. She wanted to wake up every day and feel the excitement of getting ready to go and so she chose six of her favorite photos off of my website that made her feel like she was looking at little touchstones that she would encounter on her wonderful vacation adventure. She put them out one by one in the kitchen and in each of her bathrooms with each room having an extra change out for laundry day every week. She is thrilled to interact with them every day and eager for her trip, she loves the way they keep her focused on the fun!