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Creating a beach ensemble for all your kids

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Creating a beach ensemble for all your kids

We are right in the middle of summer when everything at the local market urges you to get outside and enjoy the weather. Everywhere you look there’s fresh watermelon, pool floats and flip flops. Items that beckon you to relax and enjoy a day at the beach or swimming pool.
What better way to enjoy your water activities than with your own unique custom beach towel. Whether you choose a seagull or a tropical flower or even a Hawaiian ocean wave photo, your beach towel will surely stand out from the crowd!
You can’t wait to get to the beach, but the kids can’t find their “stuff”. Let’s save time- get a complete summer ensemble. Each kid can choose a towel, a weekender tote and a zipper pouch to protect all their small essentials. Now you have a quick and easy way for everyone to identify and keep track of their “stuff”. From the beach, to the washer and back to the tote again.
We introduced the idea of a summer ensemble kit. Coordinating towels, small zipper pouches and a weekender tote bag. Each kid is responsible for tracking their own stuff. This will make those summertime adventures transform into wonderful summer memories, while teaching them time management and organizational skills. This will help prepare them for the upcoming school year.
Not to mention how fun it is when each child get’s to choose their own favorites. If you daughter loves flowers, she may enjoy a rose flower photo on her beach towel, zen grasses photo on her zippered pouch and a yellow plumeria on her weekend tote.
If your son is into bugs and birds, he will definitely enjoy an orange dragonfly on his beach towel, a blue heron on his zippered pouch and a seagull on his weekender tote.
By each kid choosing their own unique collection, there’s no fighting over whose is whose…
This makes it a much more enjoyable trip for you as you sit with your heart leaf towel, zen coiled tote and your dandelion zipper pouch.
Happy Summer