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Journal your way to the inspired life you want.

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Journal your way to the inspired life you want.

Here is an e-mail I received from someone who ordered several journals from my website yesterday.
Recently a friend and I decided that we were going to work on our health goals via learning how to cook using the food that we know keeps us feeling our best. We do not, however, live close to one another and so we were trying to figure out how to keep up with what was necessary to stay in sync as we did this. I was on your website and saw your journals and it came to me that my friend and I could use these journals to keep us connected towards our mutual goal. It helps that we are both really interested in doing this so neither is being pulled by the other toward inspiration or motivation. I picked out a photo that I love and sized it for the journal that I now use for documenting my exercise and what I notice after I eat. I chose several fun photos that let me know the difference between each journal for easy access to keep within my allotted time and schedule in working this into my daily routine. My friend is just as thrilled to find some journals that she can use to track her results too. We made our grocery lists and allotted a quick set of time guidelines for recipes including only those grocery items for the next week so that we don’t spend hours on the internet neglecting our other “to do” things in our life. We thought this might keep it fun and interesting to have a quicker time and focus allocated to this particular goal. We are so thrilled to pull out those journals at various times of the day and then to relate to one another how we are coming along in our efforts, we wanted to thank you for the inspirational photos and let you know we really appreciate them, they are helping us very much.
I thought this was really neat to hear how they are using the journals to keep connected with one another during this time of reworking their habits and documenting how they are doing. I especially enjoyed where they were only giving the goal a certain amount of time to be “worked” on during the day so that they did not get into burnout and the feeling of not making progress due to the feeling of hours that they dedicated to looking up too many things at once. It was a great example to me of making the daily items you use and spend money on work for you.
Happy inspired journaling --- Christy