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Fun with Face Masks for Kids

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Fun with Face Masks for Kids

Whether you are already advocating to get your children to wear a mask or whether you are wearing a mask due to a family member that needs you to be more protective of them or even if the school requires you kids to wear a mask back to school, it’s a lot of explanation for a child to grasp and go along with. If I can turn some of that into some fun for families then I am really happy to do that with some of these simple photos of animals that may just encourage them to go along with what you and your family have decided you want or need to do.
I like certain photos just for the color pop and the fun. I figure it makes it more interesting to look at too as we stare into a sea of masks going around for who knows exactly how long. I like that we have the opportunity to make a smile happen through the eyes and therefore a feeling of coming together beyond just our own opinions. If wearing a fun animal face mask that is silly helps others feel better for a few minutes regardless of what is going on in their lives right now then I feel like it is a simple way to encourage one another as we go along together through this.
I thought about men and the mask wearing in a way that feels kind of Clint Eastwood like, so I went through some of my older photos that I love and keep just because I love them and I am hoping to bring some of those to life in these masks, they can wear them for the kids or even for the grandkids. They can wear them during the allergy season and just for mowing the lawn, too. Needless to say that they won’t go to waste because they are fun and guys can have fun with that with their golf buddies or gear heads going to the store. It’s okay to bring some fun to the situation is what I thought as I saw that masks were now something that I can offer through my website. Maybe you like the goat chewing on a piece of hay, or perhaps a flower is something that catches your eye as well, some color and some personality is nice to wear out as you do your daily activities.